About us

Born in Sydney, Australia, Mohamed Dhaini began his quest of development in his early years. Having felt the responsibility of contributing to the greater community and being a force for good from a young age, in 2013 he travelled to the Middle East to undergo his studies at the Seminary of South Lebanon.

Growing up he felt the harsh reality of identity confliction, finding it hard to navigate and live as a Muslim in the West.
The mission was simple;
1- Learn the sciences of religion and spirituality from the source,
2- Seek the deeper meaning of life,
3- Acquire the tools and skillset to be able to teach and give back to the community.

This Quest provided Mohamed with great opportunities to teach and help build communities on an international level. He went on to become a public Motivational speaker and mentor in countries like the U.K, Canada, Lebanon, and his home country, Australia.

Mohamed officially entered the world of personal development and self-transformation after completing his studies abroad in 2020.

Phase 2 of his quest was one of self - awareness and discovery. He went on to read dozens of the most well-known literature in the field of growth, mindset, leadership, productivity and self-transformation

Studying under some of the greatest coaches and development strategists. From the likes of Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Dr Jordan Peterson, Dale Carnegie, Tim Ferriss, James Clear and many other great influential characters which had a profound impact on his personal development journey of growth and contribution.

Mohamed followed this up by becoming a practitioner of life coaching at The Life Coaching College in Australia, as well as extensive study into the study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

He founded The Scouts Academy in 2021, where he took the initiative to provide an environment for young adults focusing on all aspects of personal development, teaching what they haven't learnt in school, the tools they need for life.

He is also the founder of AYM Industries, the parent company of multiple businesses, he has since launched 2 E-com Brands, revolving around self-care and personal development for men & women.

The 3rd phase was entering the corporate world, when he took on the head of research and assistant chief of marketing role at NuGenesis (a blockchain tech company based in Sydney, Australia).

After some time, he finally left the corporate world as his passion and love for contribution was limited in its capacity.

Mohamed is currently teaching at a local private school, along side youth mentoring, and disability support work.

Taking all of his experience, tools, and knowledge as well as his passion for helping others excel, and find their true purpose in life, He has devoted his life to coaching and mentoring young men, becoming the extended hand, the bridge between their goals & dreams and their current situation.

"i wish I had someone to understand me when I was young, to help hold me accountable, to teach me how to become an effective human being, an influential person in society. and that wish in the last has been the inspiration for my quest, from day one"
-Mohamed Dhaini

45 Min free strategy session -> https://calendly.com/mohamed-dhainii/45min
(in this session we will go over the 'Why' behind your transformation, and put a plan going forward to ensure you begin working towards your desired outcomes, also to ensure we are a suitable fit for each other)