Unlocking your subconscious power #1

The Goal
  • To understand how to utilize & condition your consciousness to empower all aspects of your being
  • To Treat your Mind as a leader & teacher, and the Body as an aid and a follower
  • To Master the Art of Emotional Intelligence and Self-Control
  • Man is a composition of soul and body (metaphysical & physical). Your soul is the true essence of your being.
    Your Consciousness.
    You're conscious to direct the mind.. the uniquely human ability to choose their response in any situation. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR MIND & ITS HEALTH
    .. your conscious being is responsible for the questions you ask yourself.
    You steer your focus with your being.. and your mind although powerful.. more powerful than you can imagine
    Is not as simple as you may think.
    Think of an iceberg: 
     Why Icebergs Are Still Dangerous | Octavian Report
    What you observe on the surface is just 4% of the ice-berg
    96% of it remains under the water
    the same way, your mind is like that ice-berg
    4% of your mind represents your conscious mind
    96% represents your subconscious mind
    From the realm of your conscious mind, you derive meaning and attach meaning to the world
    Your thoughts, senses, decisions, lifestyle/environmental choices, and the questions you ask yourself
    That’s only 4%.
    Within your subconscious mind lays the juicy part.. your personality, identity, being.
    In your subconscious, you will find your memories, past thoughts, past events/experiences, childhood and its effect on your present Identity, your beliefs, habits, internalization, and external conditioning
    The mind when steered with the 4% in the right way, consistently, with reason & purpose followed with massive action & conditioned systems CREATES & Unleashes immense unstoppable power.
    Now. Although this sounds nice and sweet.
    Some Foundations are required before this can be achieved. 
    Your Emotional State.
    You Live where you spend most time emotionally.
    One of the most powerful tools I have learned over the years is what Tony Robbins calls ‘The Triad’
    The Triad; is the 3 pillars you need to consciously be aware of at all times to ensure you have control over your state.
    THE TRIADtony robbins | SiOWfa13: Science in Our World

    • Our ‘conscious mind’ consumed more info than you can imagine, EVERY SECOND!
    • Our brains are incredibly complex. We can sift through billions of bits of data at any given time. And somehow, so we don’t short circuit, we have to organize that information. The Reticular Activating System helps with that.

      The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a bundle of nerves at our brainstem that filter out unnecessary information so the important stuff gets through.

      The RAS is the reason you learn a new word and then start hearing it everywhere. It’s why you can tune out a crowd full of talking people, yet immediately snap to attention when someone says your name or something that at least sounds like it.

      The point of all this is to know that we are in charge of what becomes ‘Salient’ to us, ‘Salient; when your RAS is aware of the things that are important/relevant to you/your goals’

      You are in charge of developing a system that will allow the things you want to achieve to stay salient in your life.
      And when Your Goals, your ideal mood, personality, GOD is Salient to your conscious thought.. then the probability of you moving closer to them with your actions is much more likely and possible

    • Where focus goes energy flows.. the more you focus on something the more energy you will exert in that area... Choose where you allow your energy to flow carefully, as Energy is the Juice of a Successful life

    • Where you spend your time thinking and focusing, you will live your life emotionally.. (e.g. the more you focus on what you don’t have, or think about what you have not achieved, then you are most likely living in a different emotional world than you would if you were focusing on how grateful you are for what you DO have)

    • Your ability to ask yourself questions… that is your key, to steer yourself in the direction you desire you MUST first Take control of that internal dialogue and ask yourself the important questions, the questions you need to grow
    • The way you use and direct your body is the most powerful way to change your state

    • Knowing how to trigger emotion through motion is what most high achievers do, and what most people underestimate (e.g. if I said describe to me someone who is depressed, how would you describe their body and posture, shoulder slouched and head down? Sad face or alive and radiant? How are they breathing? Shallow or deep?

    • The way/importance you place on your breathing, your eating, your movement and posture 80% of the time will reflect your emotional state.. (i.e. your sad… you stand in a specific way (shoulders slouched or tucked inward) if your feeling confident it’s portrayed differently (shoulders out and chest held high)

    • The goal is to reverse engineer your desired emotional state, with the physiology you’d use/have in that state.. that is how to trigger it and call upon that state whenever you want
    • Remember we said the goal is to steer your subconscious mind with your conscious mind.

    A Major key in the process is the meaning you give to things.. and the meaning you give will be a major vote to who “You Are”, as your subconscious internalizes that meaning and makes it a part of you.
    To control the meaning you attach to events, experiences, results, you must take control of the internal dialogue.. the words you choose to represent each memory/thought.. (E.g..- if someone speaks about you behind your back.. does that ‘mean’ that they “BETRAYED” You? Or Simply.. “mistreated” You?
    If you driving and your tire goes flat at the ‘worst possible time’ what meaning do you give to this event? Was it such ‘an ugly day’ or was it “an inconvenient time for something like this to occur”

    Okay… What Next?
    To conclude this article, I want to propose that YOU Take onboard the ideas put forward…
    To digest the importance and understand the power you possess.. just by being human, God has gifted you powers and gifts that are unparalleled in the animal kingdom.
    the mind is what has allowed humanity to advance since the first man
    by Utilising the power of the triad, you will be able to take control of your emotional state at any given moment, by choosing what to focus on, using your body effectively, and being precise with the meaning you attach to the things/experiences that you have, you are on the road to guiding your mind and body to unleashing their true power and potential.
    Of course, there’s much more to talk about,
    Next article I want to address the ‘Systems’ Part of growth;
    “You Don’t Rise to the level of your goals, You Fall to the level of your Systems” – James Clear
    And what it means to have an effective system, how to create and understand our systems
    If you have made it this far, we hope you found this article beneficial and valuable😊