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The 12-Week Transformational Journey 👇
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The Scholarly Coach approach
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👉 In this package we target the Spiritual Trifecta of MIND | BODY | SOUL

👉We will utilise the faith-based, spiritual and science-based approach to organising your life and understanding what your true purpose is.

👉We will set the S.M.A.R.T Goals to ensure you get your life on the track you want it to be on.

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Client Testimonials

I just want to say thank you!! I called you during some of my toughtest times. You listened, heard and took in all my rambling. Thank you for the way you responded to everything in the most gentle manner, you didnt dismiss anything I was saying, and you were very respectful. I appreciate the empathy you showed but also helping me navigated through my issues with logic as well and understanding. If there is anyone I would call when I need advice or guidance it will be you!

Micky D...

Words don't do justice for the support and love you showed me. We reconnected after years apart in the mosque and you welcomed me with open arms like it was only yesterday you seen me, then you invited me to come and join you and a few of the brothers for dua and discussions, in that moment I knew it was a God send. I gained so much knowledge from what you shared with me and the brothers every Tuesday & Thursday, it opened my eyes and mind and allowed me to look at life differently and it allowed me to connect to God on a deeper level. I am forever grateful for you and what you have to offer our community and society and blessed are those who are given the opportunity to gather with you

Ali Merhi
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“If you want something you must become relentless for success, resourceful for what you need and resistant to excuses.” Anonymous